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March 6, 2021

United Renewable Energy Co., Ltd

ENEFIIN and URE in January 2021 have signed Commercial Partnership Agreement , where ENEFIIN will be strategic partner for Italy for their Solar Products.

United Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. (URE), is achieving successful strategic transformation over the past year after the merger of Neo Solar Power Corp. (NSP), Gintech Energy Corp. and Solartech Energy Corp in 2018. Over the past year, URE invested and developed new business of Energy Storage System (ESS) and Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) Motorcycle.
In solar business, URE focus on own-brand module and PV system after the merger. URE modules take up nearly 50% market share in Taiwan in 2018. URE provide 100 MW for the largest PV power plant project in the Changhua Coastal Industrial Park.
URE designs and develops different ESS products, such as Li-ion battery module, portable ESS, residential ESS, and industrial ESS storage. URE’s industrial ESS is the first in Taiwan to achieve UL9540.
URE successfully develops the first HFC motorcycle, a rival to 125cc fossil fuel motorcycle, and the only waste is water. HFC provide people an alternative for clean energy.

We work all together to build a world-call solar enterprise. URE endeavors to lead Taiwan solar cell industry to be more than just manufacturer. Our mission is to lead Taiwan renewable energy industry and also surrounding industries to grow sturdily and steadily.

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