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ENEFIIN Company Services

We work closely with projects developers on a global level, we support them in the sourcing of Equity Partners, Debt Providers, Development Capital Partners  etc, we base our consultancy and brokerage work on the needs of our Clients.
We have a network of investors  between 100-200 players, depending on the technologies. In some cases and countries , we work also closely with Industrial and Investment Players to support them in Projects /Assets ‘s sourcing  .

Provide you with realistic and executable recommendations to help you make the best for the successful of your business.


Swift and professional execution of structured sales processes. Project management and coordination of all stakeholders throughout the transaction until signing and closing.

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Sourcing and execution of bilateral transactions, supporting our clients in the coordination and execution of all acquisition processes until signing and closing. Upon request, we act on behalf of our clients in the scouting phase.

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Project finance and fundraising

Consultancy on and access to established as well as innovative financing solutions for our clients’ corporate and project needs; broad network of banks and equity providers with a focus on renewable energy and clean technology.

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Related services

Beyond our core services, we offer Equipment, Procurement, Engineering Services for Solar PV , Projects Development in Italy , Market and Technology research and comprehensive valuation reports.

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