Urban Health Farms

ENEFIIN and Urban Health Farms have signed a JV Cooperation for the Italian market in early 2020 to support them in business development and  in their  projects.

Urban Health Farms is the partnership between Urban Farms & Agritech Capital Plc (Urban Farms Capital), and Belgium-based Urban Crop Solutions bvba (Urban Crop Solutions), Europe’s largest automated hydroponic vertical farming company by production volume. Urban Crop Solutions do not operate their own farms but will provide the full technology solutions, whereas Urban Health Farms will operate and manage the farms.

Azelio AB

ENEFIIN and Azelio in April 2020 signed a cooperation agreement for some markets included Italy  for sourcing  potential owners of  PV-CSP  and Wind assets and or projects , interested to combine , with  Azelio’s Storage System.

Azelio is a Swedish company in the game of changing the future of solar energy. A Swedish Stirling manufacturer, already a leading supplier of Stirling engine-based renewable energy solutions, we now put an even greater focus on distributed and dispatchable solar electricity.
We stem from a strong heritage of high-tech engineering with access to the most advanced material suppliers and engineering centres of excellence in Northern Europe. Our headquarter is in Gothenburg, Sweden, and we have production facilities located in the heart of the Nordic automotive and aerospace clusters on the west-coast of Sweden.
Using a combination of proven technology and innovative engineering we have created a flexible solution that opens up unlimited opportunities for hundreds of millions of people around the earth’s sun belt.
Since the inception Azelio has raised more than one billion SEK. The company is currently in an extensive expansion phase, finding new partners and establishing presence all over of the world.

BayoTech Inc

ENEFIIN and BayoTech in July 2020 have signed Service Agreement for Italy and also other specific territories to source clients interested in Hydrogen On-Site Production.

BayoTech is an energy solutions company committed to addressing the need for consistent, cost-effective access to hydrogen. We offer modular, scalable and rapidly deployable hydrogen generation plants for on-site hydrogen production.  The BayoTech reformer has a small form factor, allowing it to be deployed at or near the point of use. In addition, it is up to 25% more efficient than traditional steam methane reformers. This significant improvement in efficiency, along with eliminating transportation need, translates into a reduced carbon footprint. 

Schroeder & Cie Pty Ltd

ENEFIIN and Schroeder & Cie in June 2020 signed Partner Agreement , to expand mutual business together .

Schroeder & Cie provides advice and support to established and new SMEs and project development companies looking for financial solutions and strategic partnerships. Through our established relationships in the international capital markets, including an extensive network of contacts across a range of private equity funds, institutional investors and high net-worth individuals, we provide clients with an easier, faster and flexible access to corporate investment capital and project financing.

Schroeder & Cie is able to structure a wide range of financial solutions to suit individual client requirements. As an independent advisor, we are not bound to any financial organization or bank. This allows us to focus on the scope of our clients, and provide them with the best services and solutions the markets are offering.

Our core business areas are: - Corporate Finance - Sustainable projects - Clean Energy - Infrastructure - Social Housing and Real Estate - IT & Software - Fintech - Industry tech

The Corinth Group of Companies

ENEFIIN and Corinth in July 2020 have signed Associate Agreement for Debt Financing in Renewable Energy Projects.

The Corinth Group of Companies would be able to advance up to 100% of the Net Capital for the Project, in the form of a Shareholder Loan, against an equity participation through is Regulated Alternative Investment Fund in Cyprus.

The investment, by way of Shareholder Loan Capital, will be through an Special Purpose Vehicle which will invest in a Project Company (PC) against an equity position. The Applicant will hold the balance of the shares in the PC.


United Renewable Energy Co. Ltd

ENEFIIN and URE in January 2021 have signed Commercial Partnership Agreement , where ENEFIIN will be strategic partner for Italy for their Solar Products.

United Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. (URE), is achieving successful strategic transformation over the past year after the merger of Neo Solar Power Corp. (NSP), Gintech Energy Corp. and Solartech Energy Corp in 2018. Over the past year, URE invested and developed new business of Energy Storage System (ESS) and Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) Motorcycle.
In solar business, URE focus on own-brand module and PV system after the merger. URE modules take up nearly 50% market share in Taiwan in 2018. URE provide 100 MW for the largest PV power plant project in the Changhua Coastal Industrial Park.
URE designs and develops different ESS products, such as Li-ion battery module, portable ESS, residential ESS, and industrial ESS storage. URE’s industrial ESS is the first in Taiwan to achieve UL9540.
URE successfully develops the first HFC motorcycle, a rival to 125cc fossil fuel motorcycle, and the only waste is water. HFC provide people an alternative for clean energy.

We work all together to build a world-call solar enterprise. URE endeavors to lead Taiwan solar cell industry to be more than just manufacturer. Our mission is to lead Taiwan renewable energy industry and also surrounding industries to grow sturdily and steadily.

Power Parity LDA

ENEFIIN and GoParity in January 2021 have signed a Partnership for business development in the Italian market. ENEFIIN will be sourcing companies in need of funding for sustainable energy projects. GoParity is a crowdlending platform aggregating a community of investors willing to lend money to these projects.

GoParity is a platform for collaborative finance(crowdlending) that unites companeis looking for funding for sustainable projects with people and companies who want to invest in these projects and earn a positive return , by lending money to the project promoter and earning interest in exchange. Founded in 2017 , the platform has over 10.000users who invested more than 4,5MEur in areas that go from eco-tourism and green energy to electric mobility and reforestation.


Luxinvest Securities S.A.

Luxinvest Securities S.A.  : ENEFIIN and Luxinvest in April 2021 have signed a General Agreement , where ENEFIIN is Authorized Partner for finding and assisting  companies looking to raise debt financing for eligible sustainable projects in compliance with the EU Green Bond Standards.

Luxinvest Securities is a Corporate Green Bond turn-key platform dedicated to the issuance and listing of corporate Green Bonds, assisting companies looking to raise debt financing for eligible sustainable projects in compliance with the EU Green Bond Standards (GBS).

SolarDuck B.V.

ENEFIIN and SolarDuck have signed in April 2021  an Open Partnership for the origination of floating solar PV projects and corporate and project financing.

SolarDuck’s vision is to electrify the world with offshore floating solar. We generate offshore solar energy using state-of-the-art technology, which is fully scalable to match specific local requirements worldwide. In short, SolarDuck offers a sustainable alternative to meet the world’s rising demand for energy.


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