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October 13, 2022

HIAS Corporation SARL

ENEFIIN Group partners with HIAS Corporation.

We are happy to announce that HIAS Corporation has joined forces with ENEFIIN Group , both the companies  have entered into a strategic joint venture that will develop from scratch and build solar PV, green hydrogen, and green ammonia assets in Cameroon and in the Central Africa Sub Region.

 HIAS Corporation involves developing solar PV, green hydrogen and green ammoniac projects, contributing to the beginning of a new era of green transportations worldwide. This collaboration is founded on the common goal of the two companies to expand the renewable energy economy and, therefore, reduce the carbon footprint on our planet.

“This partnership will bring a new era of developing renewable energy in central Africa with the goals to increase the exploitation of the many abundant clean energy resources, ” said Mr Ibrahim Baba,  CEO of HIAS Corporation 

“Green hydrogen , it will be a great bet for utility plants given the current situation in Europe, giving the African continent the possibility of becoming an energy hub for Europe and beyond. We strongly believe that Hydrogen and Ammonia will change the fortunes of this continent.” said Mr. Luciano Pellettieri, CEO of ENEFIIN Group.

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