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October 12, 2022

AVO Group Limited

ENEFIIN Group partners with AVO Group .

Partnership gives both companies access to more market share

The agreement brings together ENEFIIN Group’s access to investment firms & partners and AVO Group’s access to existing and potential markets in the energy, gas and oil industry.

ENEFIIN Group and AVO Group announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic joint venture that will allow both organizations to exponentially develop from scratch and build renewable energy and green hydrogen/ammonia  assets including oil and gas in Southern Africa, creating thousands of well-paying jobs in the process.

“As a prospective technology, green hydrogen must be considered. The objective is to increase the exploitation of the many abundant renewable energy resources, lessen dependency on fossil fuels, and hasten the access of millions of Africans to power.,” said Mr Nkululeko Sibanda, the Viva Energy Managing Director in Zambia. Viva Energy is part of the Avo Group consisting 3 strategic firms, 2 incorporated in Zimbabwe and one in Zambia.

African Renewable Energy and Oryx Energies Private Limited CEO in Zimbabwe, Mr Trymore Manyange reiterated the same. “This is a wonderful opportunity to partner with Enefiin Group who are such a major player in this sector coupled with our knowledge of the Southern African region, we will succeed together” Projects that will transform the Southern African region in renewable energy, green hydrogen, ammonia  assets including oils and gas will be realized and efficiencies reinforced in these sectors.

“With 60% of the world’s finest solar resources, Africa has one of the largest potentials for manufacturing hydrogen from inexpensive renewable electricity. Green hydrogen, an alternative fuel produced using clean energy, is on the rise throughout the world and has been named as the clean energy source that could aid in achieving net-zero emissions for the planet in the ensuing decades.” said Mr. Luciano Pellettieri, CEO of ENEFIIN Group.

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