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May 25, 2020

Azelio AB

ENEFIIN and Azelio in April 2020 signed a cooperation agreement for the Italian market for the search for potential customers such as PV and Wind assets / projects owners interested to combine with, their Storage System.

Azelio is a Swedish company in the game of changing the future of solar energy. A Swedish Stirling manufacturer, already a leading supplier of Stirling engine-based renewable energy solutions, we now put an even greater focus on distributed and dispatchable solar electricity.
We stem from a strong heritage of high-tech engineering with access to the most advanced material suppliers and engineering centres of excellence in Northern Europe. Our headquarter is in Gothenburg, Sweden, and we have production facilities located in the heart of the Nordic automotive and aerospace clusters on the west-coast of Sweden.
Using a combination of proven technology and innovative engineering we have created a flexible solution that opens up unlimited opportunities for hundreds of millions of people around the earth’s sun belt.
Since the inception Azelio has raised more than one billion SEK. The company is currently in an extensive expansion phase, finding new partners and establishing presence all over of the world.

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