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March 2, 2022

Albedo Consulting AB | AE Nordic Energy

ENEFIIN Group and the Swedish Albedo Consulting last August 2021 are entered into an Joint Venture that is called AE Nordic Energy.

The acquisition of the minority shares by ENEFIIN Group was completed in January 2022  . This partnership will relate for large-scale solar projects in sweden.

Sweden´s target of 100 % renewable energy generation and 0 % greenhouse gas emission in the country by 2045 is expected to create several opportunities for the Sweden solar energy market in the future.

The AE Nordic Energy ’s business is based on the development of large scale solar photovoltaic facilities. As consultants and project developers we find and develop from scratch suitable projects for our customers based on their needs.
We embrace almost all technologies, Solar Photovoltaic, Agrivoltaics, Hydrogen, Power Storage etc.
AE Nordic Energy prefers to go off-grid with a combined production of solar energy with production of green hydrogen.

”With this partnership with Enefiin we look very positively into the future of the renewable energy market and all it´s opportunities” – says Patrik Hansson, CEO of Albedo Consulting.

”We are very enthusiastic about this partnership which will allow us to be part of the Swedish market of renewable energy” – says Luciano Pellettieri, CEO of ENEFIIN Group.

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